Just like the V-Twin beats at the heart of every motorcycle we produce, the Harley-Davidson culture is at the core of what has made our company successful for more than 113 years.  Harley-Davidson provides employees opportunities for professional growth and development because we believe our people are what make our company great.  We also recognize that great companies require great leaders to ensure a sustainable future and strive to build leadership at every level.

We demonstrate behaviors throughout our organization that exemplify integrity, accountability, diversity, teamwork, and creativity.  Our culture is influenced by our passionate customers, reminding us that we do what we do every day for our loyal customers around the world – fulfilling their dreams of personal freedom every minute of every day.

We recognize the critical role our diverse workforce plays in bringing our purpose to life in our workplace and in the marketplace. Our Global Diversity and Inclusion Councils (GDIC’s) and Business and Employee Resource Groups (BERG's) provide employees with opportunities to grow and develop as well as support business initiatives and are agents of change within the company.

Global Diversity and Inclusion Councils

Our Local Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Councils localize certain aspects of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategy such as building awareness, promoting a more inclusive work environment, and helping to further the professional development of all employees and strengthening linkages to communities in which employees live and work. Employee-led Diversity and Inclusion Councils are comprised of employees at each Harley-Davidson Motor Company location and are responsible for implementing defined aspects of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategy at the local level.

Business and Employee Resource Groups

BERGs help employees with common backgrounds, interests and aspirations to achieve professional aspirations and increase their potential in contributing to Harley-Davidson’s success in the workplace, marketplace and community. Our BERGs are a critical element in creating a culture of inclusion and a workplace that supports diversity of background, thought, and perspective. These voluntary, employee-led groups are dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment within the context of our purpose, values, goals and business objectives.

BERGs benefit all employees and the Company by:

  • Advancing organizational goals for diversity and inclusion and increasing awareness and understanding of cultural issues and opportunities.
  • Developing a culture of “allies” that encourages people of all backgrounds—not just the constituency group—to attend events, seminars, and workshops.
  • Providing marketplace insights to business leaders to help give the organization a competitive advantage.
  • Building the organization’s reputation by being active in the community.
  • Contributing to the organization’s success by providing more development opportunities for employees.